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Intimacy usually denotes mutual respect and vulnerability, openness and sharing. Mental, emotional or sexual intimacy, needs a high level of trust, truth and honesty.

As humans, all of us crave for an inspired intimacy. Is it due to our innate fascination with sex? Loneliness? Power? Lust? Passion? Love? Curiosity? Validation? Money?  Guess, a combination of these factors work, in different real-life scenarios, to make the most of unknown, destiny-dusted declarations and once in a lifetime opportunities.

A sexual moment is one of the most intimate, sensitive, satisfying and beautiful expression of intimacy. To some, the ability to resonate at a level of mental and emotional intimacy is as equally important or a pre-requisite, for physical closeness.

Experiencing a loving and fulfilling intimacy begins with being really connected to the depths of our hearts. It’s sharing our craziest, wildest wishes, dreams and desires, all that’s innocent, romantic, witty, wicked, weird, mischievous, mysterious, sensuous, passionate, zestful, spontaneous, unique, tender, light-hearted and playful about us!

The truth is while most of us may act like we’re not afraid of any type of intimacy, in the deepest parts of ourselves, our hearts are very fragile and quite fearful of any relational pain. For intimacy to thrive, we have to be purely natural, feel safe, understood, patiently accepted just the way we are, no fear of judgement, outcomes, expectations or criticism.

Most relationships falter because of a lack of magnetic and deep emotional bond, which can’t be forced or artificially created. Another secret is consistent, open, sweet, sincere communication or behaviour. It’s not just about sex, there’s always many wonderful alternatives available around, to fulfil carnal and primal needs, anytime, anywhere.

Healthy intimacy needs careless and confident expressions, a balanced effort and reciprocity, intuitive vibes, profound passion, instinctive intensity, an innate spirit of surrender, letting go of self, our exalted fears and pride, a faith that never falters.

“There’s nothing more intimate in life than being genuinely, gently understood, softly relating to and understanding someone, for who they truly are, at their deepest core”

“Love is not a game of hide and seek: both lovers, seek each other”

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