Feminine Magnetism..


Queries from women, ‘what is feminine magnetism?’ Specifically, does it mean being totally shy, submissive, passive, non-ambitious?

“The beauty of a woman is not in clothes she wears, figure she carries or way she combs her hair. Beauty of a woman is seen in depths of her eyes, a doorway to her heart and soul, the place where true love resides. It’s unmatched nurturing she lovingly gives, intense passion she shows, without really much expectation in return” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Here’s my two cents worth…

1. Authentic, kind – Loves ‘who she is, at the core’. Trusts inner knowing, comfortable in skin, doesn’t feels less than. Doesn’t play victim. Open, expressive, creative, generous.

2. Independent, confident – Believes in self worth. Needs a man not to complete, but to complement, secure in his presence. Pursues passions, proactively multi-tasks priorities. Creative, calm, charming.

3. Selfless, graceful – Gracefully gives more than she’ll ever receive, nurturing. Compassion, calmness, composure is a rock.

4. Inspiring, energetic – Ethos, energy, experience inspire. Radiates passionately, brightly as the sun. Intuitive, resilient, humble, kind, sensitive.

5. Receptive, beautiful – Respects power, role of the masculine. Receptive, vulnerable, alluring. Melts like butter into arms of the one she loves. Simplicity, warmth, natural beauty, elegance is magnetic. Very attractive with or without make-up, glittery gowns, jewellery, stilettos.

Discreet, selective of who she allows in personal space. Not a book for public library. A mysterious manuscript, for one who intuitively understands her value. 

Dedicated to a really beautiful, giving, unforgettable woman, I’ve been lucky enough to know. Mom..! Grateful for her love, most powerful emotion of all.


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