Essence of being a woman or a man!


Fun team activity: Interviews – 25 male and 25 females (30-50 age group, 12 nationalities)

Findings presented to team, I was one of the judges, deciding the winner!

Question: What’s the essence of being a woman (top 5)?

Men (in order of priority): 

  1. Nurturing, loving mother, commited care-giver to family – a secure, strong role model as a mother for kids, genuine affection, care, support for family and spouse
  2. Chemistry, mystery – intelligent, passionate, simple, empathetic, stimulating, intriguing, spirited, kind, receptive, charitable, expressive, playful
  3. Reliable, confident – confidante, non-judgemental, shared purpose, pillar of strength, fun-filled common activities, freedom for individual space
  4. Sex appeal, flirtatious – sensuous, fulfil fantasies, seductive, desirable, romantic
  5. Graceful presence, charming – high value, elegant, independent, witty, thoughtful, adventurous, abundant, creative, secure, practical, inspiring, thoughtful

Question: What’s the essence of being a man (top 5)?

Women (in order of priority):

  1. Provider, protector, giver – secure, stable, giving, caring towards family
  2. Strong sex appeal, romantic – flirty, passionate, pleasurable, ability to surprise
  3. Leader, problem-solver – intelligent, wise, knowledgeable, forceful, credible
  4. Reliable, powerful – kind-hearted, mature, strong, exciting, witty, humorous
  5. Consistent, loyal – predictable, respectful, supportive, shared purpose, freedom

Very surprisingly, sex wasn’t the highest priority for men, though touch was the most preferred form of expression. Some were in favour of committed relationships (60%), while others were quite experimental, e.g. open relationships, live-in arrangements, as quite sceptical about comitting, until sure they’d found ‘the one, the love of their life’ and were really compatible, as per their mutually agreed yardstick (40%). Main concern for both genders was loss of freedom, flexibility and space, hence, both expected patience, co-operation and understanding.

Eventually, having the potential to be a nurturing, giving mother or father and a caring, generous family member, was given high importance, not just being an ideal spouse. An important factor when deciding about long term commitments, for both genders.

Interestingly, the need for loyalty in relationships figured quite low in importance, even where women desired commitments. Reliability, freedom and support were essential.

We are all magicians, fully responsible, deserving and capable of creating the lives we desire! Stars align, when we accept, love embrace the core ‘essence’ of our being…!

Fascinating, thought provoking psychological insights, amusing presentations, light hearted fun, as well….

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