The beauty of fall…

Fascinating Fall. A favourite, magical time of the year – autumn. Exquisite fuschia, sepia, russet shades on the still & silent trees. Alluring amber, auburn & orange leaves floating aimlessly on water. Glistening yellow & lime, just stunning. Gorgeous hues of pink, purple, crimson & carmine foliage wrapped in the crisp morning mist over the hills & moors. Playful leaves dancing & twirling in the invisible spiral of the cold breeze. Mesmerising copper, gold & scarlet like wild fire. Admire the brightness & brilliance of the sunburnt leaves. A beautiful time of hot chocolatey mornings, toasty marshmallow evenings & spooky Halloween. “Autumn skies & pumpkin pies.” Simply, irreplaceable.

Fall colours are so vivid & vibrant. It’s like nature is trying to fill us up with colour & calmness before the winter. Autumn embraces us with an enticing aura & an exotic earthy fragrance. Nature in its full splendour, beauty & glory. Autumn leaves don’t fall, they fly! An ethereal & enchanting season of Thanksgiving.


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