A poem for autumn…

For many of us, autumn is a season of mixed emotions. Summer’s long & bright days are replaced by a darker, misty chill in the air. The colours on the trees ripen to warmer hues & the harvest is brought safely home. Autumn is a mood that stirs the soul to wander outdoors, to feel the fluorescent colours, to soak in the captivating stillness. A special season celebrating graciousness & gratefulness.

Yet, with this vibrant bounty there is the knowledge that nature is turning her attention to the harder, colder winter months ahead. Here’s a wonderful collection of poems amplifying the balance between the loss of summer & the gain of the harvest with heart-warming poems by Robert Louis Stevenson, John Betjeman, Amy Lowell, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Shakespeare, Christina Rossetti, Seamus Heaney, John Agard, Simon Armitage, Patience Agbabi & Imtiaz Dharker. A Poem For Every Autumn Day. A beautiful book that captures autumn in all its contemplative beauty.


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