Beautiful libraries…

Read an interesting story suggesting that we should replace old-fashioned public libraries with digital production spaces. But, browsing rows of randomly over-stacked book shelves feels so serene & serendipitous. A good book with a steaming cup of coffee, irreplaceable. Libraries are egalitarian spaces (support sections of our society that can’t afford expensive technologies or buy books). Encourages inclusion & diversity. Friendly & inviting. Offers a respectful, resourceful, safe & peaceful community driven environment. Similar to parks, libraries are a great place to simply come together & just be. During stressful times like exams, scanning & flipping the pages of a book can calm the nerves.

In the libraries, we can experience creative ideas, have the freedom to explore, enjoy the space to imagine & simply scribble our light-bulb moments. A place we look forward to visiting to escape the daily grind. A sanctuary. A compassionate, thoughtful & reflective environment. The sight & smell of books is heavenly. Libraries house centuries of learning, information, insights & inspiration. They are incredible culture & heritage institutions. And, great librarians keep all our secrets


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