Four thousand weeks…

The average human lifespan is absurdly brief. Assuming we live to be eighty, we have just over four thousand weeks. There isn’t enough time. But, we’re obsessed with our lengthening to-do lists, over-filled inboxes & uneven work-life balances. Deluged with advice on how to become more productive or life hacks to optimise our days. Still, the most meaningful parts of our life seem to lie just beyond the horizon. We rarely make the connection between our daily struggles with time & the ultimate challenge of how to best use our four thousand weeks

Drawing on the insights of philosophers, psychologists & spiritual teachers, Oliver Burkeman delivers an entertaining, humorous, practical & profound guide to time management. Rejects the futile modern fixation on getting everything doneFour Thousand Weeks introduces us to terrific tools to construct a joyous, meaningful life by embracing finitude & compassion. The unhelpful ways we’ve come to think about time aren’t inescapable. The choices we make as an individual or as a society can be vastly different. Incredibly inspiring.


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