Galileo Galilei…

Read Galileo Galilei. Galilei began his remarkable career as a mathematician. Yet, as fate would have it, became far more than a numbers whiz. A true Renaissance man – a genuine lover of the arts, a fan of the poets & a fine lute player. When in 1609 Galileo created the 1st telescope & turned his attention to the skies, everything was different. Because of his study in the arts & humanities, Galileo was well prepared to bring unique ideas into the light of day. Discoveries often don’t come easy & introducing them to the world is even more challenging. His brilliance supported the Copernican system.

What made Galileo so great? Galileo Galilei is respectfully referred to as the ‘father of modern observational astronomy‘. “Curiosity is the key to problem solving. All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the point is to discover them. Passion is the genesis of genius. Who would set a limit to the mind of the man?” – Galileo. His unbelievable achievements have influenced our life in many significant ways.


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