Calming classical…

If any piece has that little touch of magic, it’s what we call ‘Rach 2’. Simply, one of the most beautiful pieces of music to cherish.

Listening to this piece of music conjures up the beauty & serenity of the outdoors. Instantly calming & restful.

This piece is just like an adorable musical hug. Great for a moment of quiet reflection. When it doubt, always turn to Bach…

Mahler’s Adagietto is ripe with tenderness & emotion. Marvellous music with a special way to soothe & lift our mood.

A charming melody & evocative harmony with the sort of contemporary touch only John Barry can add. A pure musical tonic for when we need that moment of stillness & serenity.

Chopin’s Ballade No.4, the perfect choice to relax & rejuvenate. Poetic, positive & pristine.

An incredible piece that makes us believe that our inner world can be an abundant, joyous & peaceful place.

Iconic. Soft & soulful yet powerful at the same time. Simply, wonderful.

Delicate, delightful & dramatic. Dream-like. Absolutely ethereal.

An exceptional cornerstone of the solo cello repertoire. Superb, serene & sensational.


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