Futurism – an Italian movement of the 20th century which aimed to capture the dynamism & energy of the modern world in art. Futurists were well versed in the latest developments in science & technology. Particularly fascinated with aviation & cinematography. Futurist artists proposed an art celebrating modernity & industry. The key focus was to present a compelling creative vision for the future. They glorified speed & the working classes, believing they would both advance change. Futurists developed new techniques to express speed & motion like blurring & repetition. Made use of lines of force, a method adopted from the Cubists. Futurists worked across art forms like painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, theatre & music. Major players associated with Futurism in visual arts were Umberto BoccioniGiacomo BallaCarlo Carrà & Gino Severini. Awe-inspiring.


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