Seas the day…

Our vast oceans & seas cover an enormous 71% of our planet. A powerful & crucial part of our existence. Their expansive, enigmatic depths have long been the source of natural beauty, mystery & awe. Reading stories about the sea as a child, I believed I was a mermaid. Unlucky! There’s something so therapeutic, enchanting & adventurous about the sea, whether we’re swimming, diving, sailing or rejuvenating at it’s beautiful beaches.

Just being at the coast conjures up so much creativity, so many unique emotions, such an incredible vibe. At night, when the sky is full of stars & the sea is still, we feel the wonderful sensation of floating in space, of going with the flow. Fascinating sunrises & sunsets are a surreal experience. Tranquil joy is where the waves are. “The sea, the sea, the wild sea. The blue, the fresh, the ever free!” The mighty harmonist. The perceptive, the serene.

We play, paint & dream in colours borrowed from the sea. Thank you for making us feel so calm, creative, limitless, humble & inspired. Life is a sea of vibrant colours & precious moments like pearls in an ocean. “Seas the day”.


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