Memories of mud…

Memories tied to the earth are full of nostalgia, pleasure & playfulness. An unmistakable joy as a child playing with the mud – messy adventures with pebbles, sand & clay. Freedom, dirt & water were simple yet incredible ingredients. A source of great happiness & creativity. Fascinating. Grubby, sticky mud on the boots was surely challenging. Stomping on mud pools, sloshing & squelching in the fields with an equally dirty dog that loved rolling around in the dirt was hugely exciting. The mud has washed off but the magnificent memories remain.

Loved making sand castles at the beach, beautifully covered in shades of brown while climbing trees. Free-falling on a bed of leaves was fun. Reminisce about the wonderful holidays spent at the ancestral home – one with a generous sprinkling of mud & a perfect pond with lovely lotuses. An ethereal aura. Precious. Loved the transient smell of cleansed earth & lotus flowers after rain. Still enjoy a child-like engagement with the plants & flower-pots in the garden. Admire some things that are intentionally grown, also others that have randomly found their way into the earth & grass. Dust is desirable.


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