Light on the landscape…

Light On The Landscape. Incredible images & stories behind the creative process of one of America’s most respected landscape photographers, William Neill. Offers insights about photography & the beauty of nature in essays that cover the energy & spirit of a photographic life. 128 rare reproductions of Neill’s photographs.

Extraordinary essays that are both pragmatic & profound. An intimate look at a passionate & creative process. “My sense of wonder for nature is a constant driving force for my photography. When you approach something to photograph it, first be still with yourself. Then, capture it’s essence.” Photographing nature is such a peaceful experience. The learning curve, even more special.

Light on the Landscape covers the core photographic fundamentals such as light, composition, nature stewardship, preparation & self-improvement. An exploration of the magical convergence of light, land & camera. Filled with inspiring photographs, Light on the Landscape is full of the kind of wisdom that only comes from deep thought & a lifetime of communication with the camera. Photographs that truly reveal an outstanding creative perspective – a beautiful blend of vision & voice. “I see, I feel, I photograph.”


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