The heart of the photograph…

Photographers often look at an image & ask one simple question: Is this a good photograph? How are they supposed to answer that? What does good even mean?

What if we were better equipped to ask more constructive questions of our work, to think more intentionally & creatively? In The Heart of the Photograph: 100 Questions for Making Stronger, More Expressive Photographs, David duChemin helps us learn to ask better questions to express & connect, to create photographs that are truly ours.

From the big picture question – What do I want this image to accomplish?, to the more detail oriented questions that help us get there (what is the light doing?), David walks us through the thought process of finding our own originality. Shares the building blocks from which compelling photographs are made – gesture, balance, scale, clarity, contrast, perspective, story & memory. The Heart of the Photograph is a practical guide to empower us to ask intriguing questions to produce more powerful & authentic results. Stimulating & relatable.


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