More than a rock…

A deeper look at the amazing art & philosophy of landscape photography. More Than a Rock is a passionate book about natural creativity & expression. Photographer Guy Tal shares experiences as an artist, seeking to express more than the mere appearance of the subject portrayed.

Tal makes an argument to consider creative landscape photography as expressing something of the photographer’s conception through the use of natural aesthetics. Pictures as a form of visual art that is distinct from the mere representation of beautiful scenes. Essays include reflections on nature & our place in it, visually punctuated with Tal’s breathtaking photography.

“Some images look like things, while others feel like things, some images are of things, while others are about things. A creative image is not a record of a scene nor a substitute for a real experience. Rather, it is an experience in itself, an aesthetic experience, something new that the artist has given to the world rather than a contrived view of something that already exists” – Guy Tal. Inspiring.


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