The incredible Inca city of Machu Picchu is the magnet that draws us to Peru. Surreal. Landscapes range from the snowy peaks of the Andes, home to the soaring condor birds to the lush, wildlife-filled rainforests of the majestic Amazon river. This beautiful South American country has so much wonder to offer.

Capital Lima has an internationally renowned food scene while the inland colonial city of Cusco is a charming gateway to the ancient treasures of the Sacred Valley. The sprawling hill-top, Lost City of Choquequirao is arguably Peru’s greatest mystery. An epic train ride connects to Titicaca, South America’s largest, loveliest lake where the Uros people live on floating islands. Spectacular natural beauty. Explore the mysterious desert-carved Nazca Lines & the mummified remains of the cliff-dwelling Chahapoyanpeople of the clouds.” A once in a lifetime experience.


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