Amazing boat journeys…

Experience 60 of the world’s greatest adventures on water. Special moments like sailing the Nile by a felucca, cruising the Canadian Arctic, exploring the Pitcairn Island by a cargo ship. Amazing accounts of routes, stunning photos & simple tips on how to plan our own voyage – Amazing Boat Journeys. Wonderful.

From the seafaring Polynesians to the Chinese Age of Discovery, the spirit of discovery has led us to the most remote islands, to hop onto mail-boats in the Bahamas or to experience life on a historic sail-powered windjammer. These journeys are eclectic & electric, from the wonder of a glass-bottomed boat ride through Florida Springs to the ease of a thatch-roofed Kettuvallam exploring Kerala’s famed backwaters or the old-fashioned paddle steamers plying the length of the Mississippi. Outstanding off the beaten path cruises like Antarctica, Fiji & Papua New Guinea.

Awesome journeys over open seas, the charm of seeing a city from the water, viewing the banks of London from the Thames or traversing Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. Incredible photography & insights on life onboard a boat. Beautiful.


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