Music & management…

Dominic Alldis – a wonderful jazz pianist, orchestral conductor & arranger. An amazing business speaker, founder of Music & Management. Teaches creative improvisations to classical pianists & opera singers. Music & Management offers corporate training & client appreciation events that explore the parallels between musical & business leadership. Involves a live symphony orchestra, jazz band or a solo piano performance. Explore listening, leadership, communication & collaboration with a symphony orchestra. Discover team-work, trust, innovation & creativity with a jazz band. Enhance preparation, planning & performance with a string quartet. Learn diversity & inclusion with a multi-cultural group. Beautifully embeds learning & cultural objectives with the universal language of music.

Powerful creative learning experiences that use the metaphor of music to explore a range of key business challenges. Music & Management brings awesome analogies between leadership in music & management. Unique. Inspirational.


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