A shot to save the world…

Read A Shot To Save The World. An awe-inspiring account of the race to produce life-saving vaccines when a mysterious respiratory illness emerged in Jan 2020. Politicians, governments, business leaders & public-health professionals were just un-prepared for the most devastating pandemic in a century. Covid-19.
It was up to a small, curious group of unlikely, un-tested scientists & executives to save us all. A French businessman dismissed by many as a fabulist. A Turkish immigrant with little virus experience. A quirky mid-westerner obsessed with insect cells. A Boston scientist employing unusual techniques. A British scientist challenged by peers. Far from the limelight, each had spent years developing innovative vaccine approaches. Their work was met with real skepticism. They scrambled to turn their life’s work into life-saving vaccines in a matter of months. Each gunning to compete, to create, to contribute & discover the big breakthroughs.
Zuckerman takes us inside the top-secret labs, corporate clashes & high-stakes government negotiations that led to effective shots. An endlessly gripping chronicle of the most consequential scientific breakthrough of our time. A story of courage, compassion & creativity. A tale of unbridled ambitions & incredible belief. A Shot To Save The World is a story of how science is saving our world. Unbelievable.


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