A promised land…

Read A Promised Land. A riveting, deeply personal account of history in the making from a President who inspired us to believe in the power of democracy. In an incredibly stirring Presidential memoir, Barack Obama tells the story of his improbable odyssey from a young man searching for his identity to a leader of the free world, describing in striking detail both his political education & landmark moments of the 1st term of his historic Presidency, in a time of dramatic transformation & turmoil.

A compelling journey from his earliest political aspirations to the pivotal Iowa caucus victory that demonstrated the power of grassroots activism to the watershed night of 4th November 2008, when he was elected the 44th president of the US. The 1st African American to hold the nation’s highest office.

Reflecting on his Presidency, he offers a unique & thoughtful exploration of the awesome reach, the limits of Presidential power & international diplomacy. Discover his thoughts as he assembles his cabinet, wrestles with a global financial crisis, overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds to secure the passage of crucial bills & tackles Wall Street reforms.

A Promised Land is extraordinarily intimate & introspective. Obama is candid about the balancing act of running for office as a Black American, bearing the expectations of a generation buoyed by messages of hope & change, meeting the creative challenges of high-stakes decision-making. Powerfully captures Barack Obama’s conviction that democracy is not a gift but something founded on empathy & common understanding, built together, day by day. Fascinating. Inspiring.


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