Pictures of nothing…

Pictures of Nothing. “What is abstract art good for? What’s the use for us as individuals or for our society? Pictures of nothing – of paintings, sculptures, prints or drawings that don’t seem to show anything except themselves? In an invigorating account of abstract art since Jackson Pollock, eminent art historian Kirk Varnedoe (former chief curator of painting at the Museum of Modern Art), asks questions as he frankly confronts the uncertainties we may have about non-representational art.

He makes a compelling argument for it’s history & value as a statement of faith in modern art. With brilliance, passion & humour, Varnedoe addresses the skeptical attitudes we often bring to our experience of abstract art. Resisting grand generalisations, he makes a deliberate case for abstraction, showing us that more than just pure looking is necessary to understand the symbolic language of abstract art. A fascinating, incredibly moving tour of abstract art.


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