1001 voices on climate change…

We are witnessing catastrophic wildfires, relentless hurricanes, melting permafrost & coastal flooding. Yet, we don’t often hear the voices of the people most affected. Devi Lockwood changes that.

1,001 Voices on Climate Change collects 1st person accounts on climate change. Covering 20 countries, hears from the indigenous. Youth in Fiji on drought & disappearing coastlines, the UN climate conference in Morocco, interviews people about retreating glaciers, contaminated rivers & wildfires in Australia. Rides through Thailand & Cambodia to listen to marionette puppeteers & novice Buddhist monks. 

From China, Turkey, Canada & Peruvian Amazon, ordinary people share real stories to advance our understanding & empathy for the natural world. Channels the urgency from those who have already glimpsed the future to help us avoid the worst.


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