Chasing coral…

Love coral reefs. Most charming & complex. Unfortunately, breaking due to pollution, over-exploitation & the climate crisis. Our oceans are getting too warm for corals. Climate warning light is no longer flashing on & off, it’s permanently glowing red. UN Climate Panel has cautioned that 90% of our tropical coral reefs could be lost by 2100. 

Chasing Coral – Netflix Documentary

We’re losing coral reefs to harmful fishing practices. Number of reef fish have declined by half. 850 million people live around coral reefs. Benefit from fishing & tourism. Offering support to such communities with innovative fishing methods & eco-tourism is our best shot at saving reefs. An integrated, coherent approach will ensure connected coastal eco-systems, protected communities with sustainable marine resources, responsible tourism & regeneration of reefs. We can still save our coral reefs from a ticking time-bomb…

A real, heart-rendering narration  Chasing Coral Website


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