Buen Vivir…

Buen Vivir or ‘good living‘ is a pluralistic world-view, prevalent among the indigenous communities in Latin America. Similar principles are shared by different cultures around the world. The concept of Ubuntu from South Africa holds that an individual’s well-being can only be achieved through harmonious relationships with the community, the environment & the cosmos. Encompasses themes like food sovereignty, land rights, environmental justice, economic solidarity & the protection of local bio-diversity. In an era of coronavirus & climate crisis, there’s been a global awakening that our way of life needs to be more sensitive & sustainable.

If we plant a tree, it then takes care of us. Provides seeds, flowers, fruits & clean air. Each tree is an eco-system, supporting our planet’s bio-diversity. The pandemic has nudged us to work towards generosity, equity & integral health, highlighting the importance of balance between humans & nature. With a spirit of gratitude, can we leave it thriving as an inheritance for our next generations?


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