De-forestation is most detrimental to our planet’s well-being. Accelerates, exacerbates climate change. Cutting forests & intentional burning release insane amounts of carbon. Simultaneously, eliminates natural air cleaning systems – oxygen. 

Forests are home to an incredible array of plant & animal life. Mitigators of floods, stewards of fresh water cycles. Build soils, balance global eco-systems. Stabilise coastlines, diffuse heavy winds.

Basic yet alarming de-forestation facts:

1. Forests cover 30% of Earth. Over 30 years, 500,000 square miles of forests have been destroyed.

2. People cut 15 billion trees a year, roughly 41 million trees a day!

3. Wherever people go, trees disappear. Exponential due to industrialisation.

4. Agriculture, mining & drilling accounts for 1/2 of world’s de-forestation.

6. In Amazon (largest rain-forest), trees are felled to grow soybeans & graze cattle.

7. In Indonesia, Malaysia (world’s oldest rain-forests), trees cut for palm plantations. Palm oil is ubiquitous in consumer products.

8. Large-scale mining operations (gold, copper, diamonds, minerals) devastate forests.

9. Logging has a huge effects. Wood & paper products are a major cause for de-forestation.

10. Wild fire’s are on the rise. 85% wild-fire’s are started by humans (camping, cigarettes).

‘Green Businesses’ are a solution to lessen the reliance on paper products. Recycling is a tree life saver. Eco-forestry is a sustainable way to utilise forests for timber, wood pulp. Responsible land planning in cities is great to stop de-forestation. Sustainable farming methods keep the land fertile & productive. Lastly, inspiration in civil society is the key to success.

Conservation International kick-started a 6 year effort to re-tree 70,000 acres in the Amazon. One man planted a 1300 acre forest. Proves how much difference one person can make!


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