Social impact with AI…

Social impact platforms are the key to success in the non-profit social service sector. Digital transformation touches every aspect of our life. It’s important, more than ever to ensure that everyone has equal access to digital technologies that improve people’s lives. New technologies like AI can create communities where people are incentivised to develop novel solutions for the social sector. The Partnership on AI is created by Google, Apple & Microsoft to use AI for social good, to bring equity, to help understand how technology works to make better choices about how it impacts people’s lives (health, education, disaster management).

ClimateWorks Foundation is one of the biggest platforms to support a low-carbon & climate-resilient global economy. Enables governments & businesses to invest in solutions to climate change & clean energy. Digital data, AI analytics predict & spot urgent trends in climate patterns. The Carbon Collective is a sustainable investment platform with a $1 billion fund designed to invest in & accelerate projects to solve the climate crisis. Partners with Google & Microsoft to use AI to discover clean energy sources.

The Global Impact Investing Network, Gratitude Railroad, Intellecap, Backstage Capital & AdAstral Funds are committed to investing in companies with a strong social impact to improve their overall efficiency & automation. United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) focuses on bringing together researchers, policy-makers, innovators & business leaders to ensure that AI can solve the major challenges facing humanity. Precision Human Services Social Impact AI Lab is focused on finding ways that AI can improve the quality of life for millions of vulnerable people.

Technology with a social service purpose has the power to make a real difference.


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