Christensen’s innovation… 

Christensen’s HBR articles on innovation:

Threat of disruptive innovation: Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave”  outlines the big picture vision, unique perspectives, drivers to innovate. 

Organisational structure: Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change describes how leaders can structure organisations to inspire exciting innovation. 

Product innovation: Marketing Malpractice: The Cause and the Cure asks why good managers often struggle to innovate successfully?

Financial tools: Established financial incentives, investment models often make it unattractive for companies to innovate. Innovation Killers: How Financial Tools Destroy Your Capacity to Do New Things. 

Business model innovation: Reinventing Your Business Model.Re-calibrate, re-align business strategy, people, processes, operations to support creative innovation.

Where future growth lies: If disruption is predictable, look at market as a whole to understand how it’ll inevitably transform an industry over time. Skate to Where the Money Will Be.” 

Extendable core: How do we know how big a particular threat to business actually is? Surviving Disruption helps calculate strengths of our potential disrupter business. 

Disruptive innovation: What is Disruptive Innovation? re-analyses essential business concepts, strategies, execution frameworks.

To Christensen, the ultimate role of an innovative leader is to lay the successful foundation for future purpose, growth & value. Inspiring.


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