We are all curious about what is the metaverse? If this is the meta moment, will it create something that people truly want? The metaverse is a digital experience that is more immersive, more three-dimensional (3D), more virtual (VR). Possibly, an inter-connected & inter-operable internet, more than ever before. 3D, augmented / virtual reality (AR / VR) in the metaverse will let us socialise, learn, collaborate, buy & play in ways that go beyond what we may have imagined.

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world owned by it’s users, allowing them to create virtual structures (theme parks, art galleries) & charge users to visit them, powered by Ethereum blockchain technology. Sotheby has it’s own metaverse gallery for curated virtual art, housed in DecentralandMetaVRse is creating an engine to power gaming studios to accelerate AR / VR content creation.

From health, education to manufacturing & retail, many great applications. Microsoft is positioning cloud services to be the fabric of the metaverse. It’s Mesh platform will enable avatars & collaboration. A new shopping trend in the metaverse is influenced by social experiences. Social commerce with virtual showrooms, fashion shows.

Facebook’s vision is to bring the metaverse to life. Changed it’s name to Meta. We can unleash incredible creativity & storytelling to launch unique experiences, from transactions to customer services. Someday, we will move between the real & virtual worlds seamlessly. The next frontier.


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