Digital transformation…

One of the most discussed topic in our world – digital transformation. One that’s hard to predict or plan. Facilitated by constant evolution, new customer interactions, combinations of talents & teams, unexpected business models. How can we transform from what we know, to what we have yet to define? 

We can take a reductionist view at work. Fix granular systems that run HR, finance, logistics, marketing & operations. Eventually, re-invent. But, different is what we need to re-define digital. Technology disruption sets the stage for a cascade of changes in user experiences & operational dynamics.

A key driver is our ability to learn at scale. A learn & adapt approach. Counter-intuitively, the best response to uncertainty may not be a retreat to the familiar processes & systems, but our ability to explore new possibilities, fresh ways of working. Moderna was able to develop an entirely new mRNA vaccine in a matter of months, an extraordinary achievement. We invest in competencies (things we do well) & capabilities (things we might do well).

Digital transformation is a purpose, a passion with a plan.


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