South Korea…

Email: Sister’s 40th birthday. Loves travel, technology. (Japan)

Happy Birthday!

South Korea is a tech-driven futuristic nation with Seoul at it’s heart. But, even within the cutting-edge capital, there’s history to be found on ancient city walls & inside the beautiful palace of Gyeongbokgung & Changdeokgung. There is beautiful, awe-inspiring countryside, valleys & streams. Jeju Island has superb hiking & spectacular beaches.

Banwol Island called ‘the purple island‘ with painted lilac roofs is stunning. Gorgeous fields of lavender, amethyst-hued phone boxes & a big purple bridge. Bidulginangpokpo Falls in Hantangang National Geopark in Pocheon is breathtaking. The waterfall’s name, Pigeon Falls in Korean comes from the droves of wild pigeons in the caves around the waterfall. A mysterious ambiance & a profound colouring of the pool. Hantangang Dulle Trail offers great views of the Meonguri Gorge called ‘Grand Canyon of Korea’.

Gyeongju is rich in culture with attractions like Cheomseongdae Observatory, Bulguksa Temple & Daereungwon Tomb Complex. Heungjeonggyegok Valley has pristine natural beauty. Baeksasilgyegok Valley at the foot of Bugaksan Mountain is so isolated, it can be hard to match it’s serenity. In Korean they say ‘food is medicine’, as reflected in their diverse, delectable local cuisine. The port of Busan’s Jagalchi fish market is a foodie’s heaven. An amazing destination.


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