Adopt a donkey…

The Donkey Sanctuary’s vision is to build a world where donkeys & mules live free from pain, suffering & their contribution to humanity is fully valued. Focused efforts are made for a lasting difference to the lives of 40 million donkeys, worldwide. They raise awareness, monitor & train local communities against donkey exploitation & skin trade. Adopt a donkey.

In Africa & Asia, donkeys provide a buffer against extreme poverty as a transport medium for emergency supplies. Used for crucial tasks like collecting water, firewood, taking kids to school, carry sick people to hospital. Donkeys that used to pull ploughs or carts are often abandoned when old & left to fend for themselves, forming free-roaming herds that come into conflict with humans. Donkeys & mules are excessively put to work in tourism for treks or to carry luggage. They deserve to be treated ethically & have their basic welfare needs met.


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