Why work…

Read insightful articles on a company’s purpose. Usually in teams, the key motivator is a sense of purpose. Organisations that inspire communicate why they’re in business & what value they offer? 90% of companies with a well-defined purpose deliver growth & profits above the industry average.

An effective purpose statement – why does our organisation exist? Who are we serving? Why are we uniquely capable of providing value to our customers, communities, investors? But, just a powerful statement is not enough. Companies that succeed deliver on their purpose. Put the right people in the right roles, recognise & reward performance, break down silos to facilitate cross-functional collaboration, invite innovation, inclusivity & diversity, demonstrate resilient leadership, ensure creativity in areas that matters most. Clearly articulate strategic goals & inspire teams. Objectives that’re important both individually, synergistically. Structure, systems, processes & resources equip employees to bring their purpose to life.

Research reveals just 28% of employees feel fully connected to their company’s purpose. 39% can see the value they create, 22% agreed their jobs leveraged their strengths, 34% believed they contribute to success. More than half weren’t excited about their jobs. Nothing is more demotivating for employees than working on something that’s been identified as critical, but isn’t receiving adequate attention. Is our stated purpose relevant to customers & prioritised? Is it clear whose lives are we improving?

Is our purpose unique? Do we have or can we build the capabilities to excel? Can we fulfil it more effectively, efficiently than our competitors? If we put our purpose statement alongside a competitor’s, can our teams identify which one is ours? If we polled, how many could even say what our purpose is? Purpose is key to motivation & motivated employees are key to realising our purpose. A symbiotic relationship.

Lego, the world’s largest toy company doesn’t just sell toys. It strives for ‘development of kids creativity through play & learning’. To fulfil that promise it designs compelling blocks, assembled in myriad ways. Just as critically, fosters a community of enthusiasts to inspire ongoing engagement & innovation. Apple distinguished itself through path-breaking designs. It elevated the entire design team with superior talent to create new products, services & an amazing retail store experience. 


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