The gifts of imperfection…

Just read Brené Brown’s, The Gifts of Imperfection. A self-help classic to find the courage & self-compassion to overcome fears to strengthen our connection with the world, to believe we’re worthy of discovery, growth & abundance.

An inspiring guide to whole-hearted living. She bolsters our self-esteem & personal development process through characteristic heartfelt, honest storytelling. With plenty of encouragement, helps release our definitions of an ‘imperfect’ life & fully embrace who we are. Brown’s10 guide-posts‘ are benchmarks that help us find beauty & balance in a perfectly imperfect life.

Now more than ever, there’s a need to cultivate feelings of self-worth, acceptance for ourselves. To find strength & gratitude in our lives. Offers simple ways to let go of self-defeating thoughts, so we can naturally embrace our imperfections & vulnerabilities.


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