Email: Grandad’s 75th birthday. Loves travel, African cuisine. (S. Africa)

Happy Birthday!

Cradle of human civilisation, Ethiopia is Africa’s most beguiling destination. Wears an ancient past with pride. Addis Ababa, home to world-class museums & bustling streets. Name means ‘New Flower,’ founded in 1887 by Emperor Menelik II. Aksum, ancient capital has charming churches & tombs. Castles of Gondar are best-preserved archaeological sites. Town of Arba Minch is truly spectacular. Scenic Awash National Park – dry acacia savanna of the Rift Valley. Filwoha Hot Springs feed beautiful translucent blue pools & Lake Beseka. Bahir Dar – wide avenues of palms, stunning lakeside. Bale Mountains National Park – high mountains, sweeping valleys, dramatic escarpment, expanses of forests. Active volcanoes – Mount Ayalu & Erta Ale have large lava lakes. Dallol Sulphur Springs is a photographer’s dream. Lalibela, high up in Lasta Mountains has incredible rock-hewn churches. Nechisar National Park supports wildlife like hippo, crocodile, Burchell’s zebra, waterbuck, gazelle, birds. Besides the colourful Ahmaric tribes, Simien Mountains are home to Gelada Baboons, Simien fox, bushbuck, Lammergeyer vulture. Dotted with wild coffee trees plantations sits the town of Yirga Alem.

Ethiopian food is distinctive & delicious with a cultural heritage that stands out from the rest of Africa. Mode of eating is communal with all gathering around a large circular metal tray of injera. An Ethiopian spice mix contains elements like chilli powder, fenugreek, ginger, garlic, cardamom & cinnamon.


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