Wild horses of the west…

Email: Grandad’s 60th birthday. Loves animals, photography. (US)

Happy Birthday!

An intimate look at the majestic equines who roam the public lands of the Mountain West: Wild Horses of the West. Stories highlight specific horses like The Old Man, One Ear & Cremello Brothers whom the photographer Jan Drake has been following for years. Over 200 colour photographs divided into sections including Family Bands, Mares & Foals, Fighting Mustangsu, Stallions, Bachelors & Cedar Mountain Mustangs.

Jan Drake is an experienced photographer based in Park City, Utah. She oversees the equestrian centre at the National Ability Center where adaptive horseback riding, trail riding, equine-assisted learning & hippo-therapy is available to all ages & abilities. Drake guides private groups on photography excursions to see wild horses of the west up close. Captivating photographs & stories of the wild horses of the west.


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