Daily rituals: how artists work…

Email: Grandad’s 80th birthday. Loves art, music, books. (US)

Happy Birthday!

161 inspired & inspiring minds – novelists, poets, painters, photographers, musicians & mathematicians describe how they subtly manoeuvre their daily rituals to finish the work they love to do. Waking up early or staying up late, doughnuts or drinking coffee, long walks in nature.

Anthony Trollope wrote 3000 words before going to his postal service job, each day. George Balanchine did most of his imaginative work while ironing. Daily rituals of great artists, philosophers & scientists like Charles Darwin, Andy Warhol, Benjamin Franklin, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Igor Stravinsky (couldn’t compose unless sure no one could hear). Daily Rituals: How Artists Work. Fascinating facts & insights into their creative thinking process. Daily Rituals: How Great Minds Find Inspiration, Get To Work.


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