Oxygen express…

11:00 AM – Men stood shoulder to shoulder in blazing 45 degrees heat, chests leaned against empty oxygen cylinders lodged in dirt. They walked miles from villages to a makeshift city centre to re-fill empty oxygen cylinders, in a desperate bid to save their loved ones. Oxygen has become the most precious commodity in a pandemic-stricken nation. A huge clamour for something so elemental to life.

Please donate for oxygen concentrators

Police guard what little supply is available. Despair is spiralling across India as demand for oxygen far out-paces availability. Each day, hundreds of thousands are becoming infected with COVID-19. Crisis is marked by a shortage of masks & medicines with devastating consequences. Patients are suffocating to death in hospitals with empty tanks. Many are paying the equivalent of several months salary to buy oxygen cylinders.

Military airlifts oxygen supplies, sending tons on trains dubbed the ‘Oxygen Express‘. Still, oxygen remains scarce. Please donate to help alleviate the inequities in access to oxygen.


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