Sunrise stroll. Breezy. Our world is animated by the wind. This invisible force brings any landscape alive. It’s absence casts a stillness. On barren mountain tops, at forests & seas it’s presence becomes manifest. A wild & pristine energy.

Reflecting on nature of the wind, see inter-connected nature of all things. Billowing gusts that ripple waters, makes rag-dolls of trees. The beauty of wind is in it’s dynamism. One minute it lifts a place, the next there’s a lull. In a more rambunctious form, it’s a monster’s roar. Similarly, our energy ebbs & flows. We have moments of high energy & output, other times of rest & renewal. 

When it blows, the air tattoos surface of canals & lakes, pretty patterns of rhythm’s into liquid. Trees bow as leaves, buds & branches dance to it’s music. Forests roll around in harmonious circles sending secret signals to the clouds. Innocently waving to the skies & stars above.

Often, we see through space. Don’t notice air as much as earth, fire or water. An empty & invisible space. Yet, it’s this space that holds everything. Nurturing, allowing all things to just be.

The wind speaks to us through sensations & sounds. Feel it’s presence through our skin & breath. A soft hug, a gentle caress on the cheek, deep breathing. Brings unique scents & aromas. Love the pause between gales, the stillness, the silence. Feel it’s firmness, flow. Can we invite this awesome energy into our own lives? Can we be as amazing as the wind – flowing, firm, free? To spread our wings, fly? The wind is an energy that calms our mind, blowing worried thoughts & stressful feelings away. What a mysterious, life-giving phenomenon.


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