Email: What does writing a blog feel like? Thinking of creating one on women’s health. (Japan)

Honestly, quite scary. Being creative needs much more calmness, compassion & courage than I had originally imagined. Exactly how we would naturally feel when doing something new. The unknown makes us feel both sensitive & strong, triumphant & terrified, fascinated & fearful, curious & child-like, excited & energetic, all at the very same time. A roller-coaster of emotions. Some days are okay, others aren’t so great. But, there’s a certain correlation with purpose, play, passion & positivity.

Sharing spontaneous thoughts, ideas & perspectives does make me feel a little vulnerable, like the whole world will be critical, even if untrue. Some days, it’s like having a fragile conversation with oneself, somewhat therapeutic. A humbling experience & journey of self-expression. There’re never times when everything is hi-fives. Though, sharing & learning is motivating & inspiring. The key is peaceful & persistent consistency, belief in just going with the flow. All the best.


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