Zen in Japanese culture…

A visual journey through Zen’s influence on Japanese life, from calligraphy to martial arts. Formed by a convergence of Buddha’s teachings, Taoism & local traditions, Zen has had a profound impact on art & culture of Japan. As a philosophy, Zen promotes a recognition of minimalism, emptiness & impermanence. As an aesthetic, it’s marked by striking simplicity, a reverence for space. Promotes the principle of Wabi-Sabi – harmony found in all things transient & imperfect. Countless Japanese artists, artisans, designers have engaged with Zen‘s traditional wisdom.

Zen In Japanese Culture – Amazon

Gavin Blair spent decades as a writer in Japan. Shows how Zen has found expression in all aspects of Japanese culture – tea ceremony, origami, bonsai. Gorgeous photographs highlight the beauty of Zen – hanging Noren curtains to adorn entrances, the intricate craft work of a Wagasaumbrella. Simply beautiful.


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