Walks in nature…

Email: Why does the author promote time in nature so much? (HK / US)

I was quite young when I lost my grand-father. Found solace in nature. I had walked those paths with him, many times before, but I had walked with eyes closed. Seeing, but not observing the beauty of things around me. Then, slowly, I was able to feel the small pleasures that would have been otherwise lost. Began a daily quest to find something special, new in the woods. Drawn to minute details of the elements I came across. A decaying leaf, a tear-shaped droplet, the hue of a felled log, fallen leaves, frozen water, misty lakes. Textural patterns & singular colours.

We never travel silently. Many quiet, solitary conversations accompanied my journeys. As time passed, my loss turned into gratitude. I could see the beautiful isolation of things. A sole tree in the morning dawn, stunning sunsets & distant horizons. I was naturally making connections with the compassionate source energy.

The walks progressed, the landscapes evolved, the horizons expanded. As the noise of life dimmed, the accompanying chorus of spring amplified. Birds, butterflies & bees dancing with the joys of life. Through the forest, along the tracks was a chorus of birdsong. It had always been there. But, I didn’t hear before. Little saplings. Beautiful buds. The blossoming of hope. Fresh scents, vistas, pathways revealed themselves.

We all deal with things in our own way. Nature has a wonderful ability to calm, nurture, heal & present the simplest of pleasures before us. The simplest of things can speak to the most complex of our needs. Nature’s softness, peace, humility & grace. And, an occasional silence to be able to feel it.


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