Email: Send some positive energy. Family’s suffering due to Covid-19. (US)

Empathetic. Walking through a Japanese garden, one truly feels the life force energy called Hado. Two Japanese characters that make up the word Hado mean ‘wave‘ & ‘move‘. Perfect words to describe energy vibrations that permeate all life. Hado is present in all things, animate & inanimate. Resides everywhere.   

Hado tells us that energy from our thoughts impact our realities. We can naturally manifest a specific intention. Our thoughts create energy outside our minds. Aware, we can try to stay positive & think with intention. 

Expressing & sharing gratitude makes a huge difference. Once we become aware of the power of Hado, we can invite positivity, peace & balance in every area of our lives, our physical spaces, mental & emotional health. One of the most important principles of Hado is to monitor our thoughts & set intentions each day.


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