Wild child…

From climbing trees & making dens to building sand castles & pond-dipping, the wonderful memories we associate with a happy childhood, all took place outdoors. Yet, the reality for many contemporary children is different. Studies show we are raising a generation quite alienated from nature. Kids struggle to identify even the most common birds or plants, don’t know where their food comes from. Mostly being shuttled between homes, schools & malls. Spend little time in green spaces, let alone roaming free. 

Wild Child: Coming Home To Nature – Amazon

Nature writer Patrick Barkham draws on his own experience as a parent & a forest school volunteer to explore the beautiful, creative relationship between children & nature. Unfolding over a year of snowsuits, muddy wellies & sun hats, the Wild Child is an intimate story of children finding their perfect place in our natural world, a celebration of the natural beauty & delight we can find in even the modest patches of green.


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