Being a beast…

Charles Foster wanted to know what it was like to be a beast – a badger, an otter, a deer, a fox, a swift. What it was really like. So, he tried it out. Lived life as a badger sleeping in a dirt hole & eating earthworms, came face to face with shrimps as he lived like an otter. Spent hours curled up in a back garden, rooting in bins like an urban fox. 

Being A Beast – Amazon

A passionate naturalist, Foster realises that every creature creates a different world in its brain & lives in that world. As humans, we share sensory outputs, lights, smells & sounds. But, trying to explore what it is actually like to live in another of these worlds, belonging to another species is a unique neuroscience challenge. Also, a literary one. What happens in a fox’s or badger’s brain when it picks up a scent? An intimate look at the mysterious life of animals, neuroscience, psychology & nature writing. A fascinating journey with extraordinary thrills & surprises.


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