Selecting house-plants. Recollections. There’s so much solace & serenity in gardening. Feel a bond, a connection with trees & plants. Something so beautiful, deeply moving about seeing seeds germinate, bud, blossom or even go back to seed. A real joy to be found in new growth or the resilient return of a perennial plant through the soil after a dark winter. Seasonal flows & the wider natural world guide our everyday life. Gardening is truly meditative. A calming, creative pursuit. Whether we have a yard, a grassy corner, a patio, a flower pot or a porch, the potential for beauty is infinite. Butterflies. Earthworms. A garden sanctuary with statues, bells, wind-chimes, crystal stones, a stream or a fountain. Harmonious.

And, the antidote to that fast & furious digital life. In tending to house-plants nothing is instant. Nothing is guaranteed. A slow, hopeful, patience-testing anticipation. A basket full of special surprises. Hugely relaxing when the rest of our life is so rapidly paced. Gardening is also a form of self-care. In the refuge of brilliant colour, sweet scents & stillness of our garden, the burdens imposed by a sometimes hectic world melt away. Any home is more calming with plants in it, particularly in spaces with a lot of hard edges. Makes it so much more breathable, more natural, more tender. City living often leads to a disconnection with nature. But, house-plants are a small yet wonderful way to re-connect with it. Therapeutic. Fascinating.


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