Email: Sister’s birthday. Loves travel, local cultures & cuisines. (S. Korea)

Happy Birthday!

Taiwan. An island of unexpected beauty. Verdant valleys, hills & forests. Intrepid hikers can scale the Snow Mountain in Shei-pa National Park. A touch more sedate? Explore well-marked walks, wondrous views at Taroko Gorge. The capital, Taipei is one of Asia’s finest futuristic cities. Taipei 101 skyscraper is unmissable when strolling through brightly lit streets, night markets, street food stalls. Tradition has held firm. Bao-An Temple has been carefully restored to it’s former glory, a pocket of calm amid the bustle of Taiwan. Each year, thousands visit the village of Pingxi for the annual Lantern Festival. Write wishes on paper lanterns, release them into the sky for our ancestors to answer prayers.

Compared to fruit jam, Kavalan is an easy Taiwanese whisky, matured in sherry casks. Enjoy the Gua Bao, a traditional street food with a hearty filling of braised pork, pickled greens, powdered peanut & coriander, sandwiched between a fluffy clam-shaped steamed Bao. Absolutely unforgettable.


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