Email: Cousin’s birthday. Loves the beach, sun & sand. (Australia)

Happy Birthday!

Hawaii. Lush forests. Vast sandy bays. Rivers of molten lava. Glimmering ocean. Undoubtedly, a paradise. Unlike any other US state, far out in the Pacific. A dream location for adventurers, sun seekers. Chill on Waikiki Beach, marvel at fragile landscapes in the Volcanoes National Park. Drive the winding Hana Highway or head to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour to learn more about the Aloha State’s place at the heart of US history.

Go Hawaii

On the west coast of Hawaii, the sun rises over tall volcanoes, glints off the vast blue Pacific at Honokohau Harbour. Tourists climb aboard cobalt boats in bright morning light, giddy at the prospect of swimming beside the Spinner Dolphins.  Explore the glistening ocean, emerald valleys & golden sands of Hawaiian Islands. Get lost in the spiritual beauty of the hula. Surf the gentle waves of Waikiki Beach, snorkel with Manta Rays on the Kona Coast. Hawaii is like no place on earth, absolutely stunning sunrises & sunsets. Aloha!


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