Land of the pharaoh’s…

Email: Partner’s 75th birthday. Loves travel, ancient art, architecture. (Italy)

Happy Birthday!

Egypt. Forever associated with the Pyramids, the Great Sphinx & Valley of the Kings. Egypt’s allure goes way beyond the archeological mysteries still being uncovered. Capital Cairo is an adventure in itself, best in class museums. In the Red Sea resorts of Sinai Peninsula, we can soak up the classic sun, sea & sand along with one of our planet’s greatest diving locations. Towards the Mediterranean Sea, the Nile River runs through the heart of Egypt, as captivating to the Pharaohs as it is to modern day travellers. Cruise past it’s palm tree-clad shorelines with awe-inspiring ancient wonders. Fantastic food, magical music & beautiful belly dance. Charmed by mysterious tales of the Egyptian Gods, the legend of Queen Nefertiti, one of the most beautiful queen’s in the world.

A once in a lifetime experience, an unforgettable oasis.


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