Story of Ganga…

Email: Extremely passionate at work but still unsuccessful. Why, what can be done? (Germany)

Empathetic. Here’s the story of river Ganga from Indian mythology. Ganga is the most sacred river in India, originates from the depths of Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas. Once upon a time, there was a severe drought on earth. Humans beckoned Goddess Ganga to come down from heaven to save humanity. Ganga compassionately, kindly agreed. While humans rejoiced, the Gods were terrified of bringing Ganga to earth. The sheer passion, natural force of her flow could destroy, distort everything in it’s way.

They sought the help of God Shiva, the only one who could withstand the raw power of Ganga. Shiva received Ganga‘s rush in his matted locks as she descended from heaven to regulate & moderate the extreme gush of water. Shiva’s locks thoughtfully distributed & channeled Ganga in 7 streams to bring maximum value to earth.

Guess, the essence of the story, success is moderation & regulation. While passion is our life-force, we can balance it with belief, purpose, intellect, intuition, empathy & collaboration.


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