Email: Left school early, no real education. Want to study at 45, can I? (US)

Empathetic. Though fairy tales lead us to believe when we reach a goal we can rest happily ever after, the reality is without the challenge of goals we struggle to excite, stimulate our minds & spirits. Goals help expand our understanding, experience of life. 

We may have gotten the idea that learning ends when we leave school, but we still have much to learn about each phase of our lives, the world around us & who we are as individuals. When we feel curious or enlivened by a subject, it’s a clue telling us where we could make the best use of our energy.

With the Internet, learning is readily available, even if there is no formal schooling. As we pursue our inspirations & interests, we may find we are following our passion, peace. Possibly, our purpose. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears!


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